SysCP 1.2.14 RC1
Posted on: 08/07/2006 02:36 PM

SysCP 1.2.14 RC1 has been released

Exactly two years ago, the development of SysCP 1.2 began. 641 changesets later I'm glad to announce that the SysCP-Team finished working on SysCP 1.2.14. It's not released yet, the purpose of this announcement is to inform you about the first release candidate. All bugfixes and new features SysCP 1.2.14 contains are listed at
You will find the tar.gz-archive at

This is, as mentioned above, a release candidate. We didn't find any bugs, so we kindly ask you to help us by also checking it. If no more bugs are discoverd and some positive feedback is posted at our devel-mailinglist, it's going to be released as final.

Language maintainers now have got some time to update the language files. As always: if we aren't able to get all the language files complete, we can't ship them with the official release and therefore have to remove them.

We wish you a happy time with SysCP  ;)
Flo and the SysCP-Team

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