SysCP 1.2.13 released
Posted on: 03/19/2006 09:02 PM

SysCP 1.2.13 has been released

it's done. Today we uploaded the final release of SysCP 1.2.13. Debian-Users can update the tool easily via apt-get update apt-get upgrade. It contains several bugfixes and some new cool features. I'm just quoting myself from the announcement of rc1:

First of all, SysCP now supports more than one IP. So called IP/Port-combinations can be assigned to domains. The current version of the multi-IP-support is actually very basic, it will be enhanced over the next few versions. Second, the lists of admins, customers, domains etc. are now supported by a paging system, which makes it easier to handle them, if they got a little bit longer. Third, SysCP 1.2.13 holds some smaller features enhancements, for example it displays the last time the cronscript ran, writes debug information of the cronscript directly into the last lockfile to make debugging easier, contains enhanced XHTML compatibility and a new path guessing algorithm in the cronscript, which makes custom installations more comfortable in maintanance.

Details about all enhancements and bugfixes SysCP 1.2.13 contains are listed at This page also holds some notes about the release which are worth to be read.

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