SysCP 1.2.10
Posted on: 06/16/2005 05:08 AM

SysCP 1.2.10 has been released

SysCP, the System Control Panel is a server administration tool which enables an internet service provider to give their customers a web-based application to administrate their email addresses, their suddomains etc.

The following has been changed since release 1.2.9:

* Added detailed error messages - many thanks to Ron Brand!
* Added spanish language support - thanks to Carlo Pedro Woedl and Ron Brand!
* Added additional where-condition to postfix-config-files to detect if the mails of a domain are controlled locally.
* Bugfix: MySQL-Prefix can now begin with an underscore. (bug #52)
* Bugfix: You can't add a Domain with http:// in the front, it will be removed. (bug #64)
* Bugfix: FTP users were not added to the column groups. (bug #65)
* Bugfix: Added is_dir conditions to prevent unwanted php-errors if /etc/apache/htpasswd is a normal file and no directory. (bug #66)
* Bugfix: The error documents have not been entered correctly into /etc/apache/diroptions.conf. (bug #67).

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