SUSE LINUX 9.0 Review
Posted on: 11/27/2003 07:26 AM

Saw over at DistroWatch that Ars Technica has published a review of SUSE LINUX 9.0 Personal Edition

As we've promised you in the past, we've got a review of SUSE LINUX 9 for you this week. We picked up boxed sets of SUSE LINUX Personal Edition 9 containing three CD-ROMs from the local CompUSA for about US$39.95 and sacrificed a few existing Linux installations to try SUSE LINUX 9 in all of its uppercase glory. SUSE also offers a Professional Edition (five CD-ROMs and a DVD-ROM) that carries some extras (MrProject, DTP package [Scribus], development tools [KDevelop], and network services and configuration modules [web, SMB, DNS, DHCP and NFS]) as well as an administration manual for US$79.95.

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