SUSE Linux 10.1 Beta 5 Delta ISOs and Torrents available
Posted on: 02/24/2006 08:18 PM

SUSE Linux 10.1 Beta 5 Delta ISOs and Torrents are now available. The full ISOs will be released tomorrow on the mirror fileservers.

Delta ISOs allow to download a small file instead of downloading the complete ISO if you have the previous ISO. To use this feature, you need the package deltarpm that is installed by default. The syntax for applydeltaiso is:
applydeltaiso old delta new

For example:
applydeltaiso SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta1-CD1.iso \\ \\

If you deleted the ISOs of the previous beta, don't worry. applydeltaiso can also work with the CDs in your CD-ROM drive. For example, if you have the SUSE 10.0-i386 Beta 1 CD 1 in your CD-ROM drive (/dev/hdc), use this command:

applydeltaiso /dev/hdc \\ \\

And check the MD5SUMS afterwards like described in Downloading from FTP Servers. The process of applying the Delta ISO takes quite some time and needs the diskspace to unpack all ISO images.

Download delta-isos
Download BitTorrent

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