Superswitcher 0.4
Posted on: 12/29/2006 12:06 PM

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What is SuperSwitcher?
A more feature-ful replacement of the Alt-Tab window switching behavior, including dynamic workspace management, and find-as-you-type window title search. For more information, see the project page.

Changes since 0.3:
* Can now drag-and-drop workspaces.

* New -c, -v and -? command line options.
-c or --trigger-on-caps-lock makes Caps Lock also switch windows.
-v or --version shows the version number and exits.
-? or --help shows a brief instruction guide.

* Super-Shift-Control-Insert now moves *all* windows from this workspace to a new workspace, so as to be consistent with Shift=Move, Control Move-All-Windows-in-this-Workspace and Insert=New-Workspace.

* Now does window-frame geometry calculations "the right way", via a window's _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS X property, rather than presuming that its frame is the same as its parent X window.

* Now warps the pointer to the activated window's center, under focus-follows-mouse in metacity. This fixes the behavior where window activation would be 'stolen' by whatever window was under where the pointer was at the time.

* Now works when NumLock is on. Fixes bug #1.

Thanks to Drew Kerr for his help.

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