Storyteller CMS 1.8.1b and 1.7.2c freeware released
Posted on: 05/04/2005 12:15 PM

Two new minor updates of Esselbach Storyteller CMS (the backend of NT Compatible and Linux Compatible) are available.

Storyteller CMS 1.8.1b

This is the second bug fix release for version 1.8.1. If you are already running version 1.8.1a, you only need to overwrite the following files:

category.php, review.php

cadmin: admincore.php, index.php, mod_admin, mod_faq, mod_community.php, mod_tickets.php, mod_review.php, mod_links.php, mod_downloads.php, mod_news.php

Members Area
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Storyteller CMS 1.7.2c Freeware

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