StartOS 6 GNOME 3 and KDE Preview
Posted on: 07/04/2013 04:13 PM takes a quick look at StartOS 6, a Linux distribution developed by the Wali Network Technology Co., Ltd. in China

StartOS 6 GNOME 3 and KDE Preview

The very first edition of what is now called StartOS were based on Ubuntu, but the distribution has since dumped Ubuntu to become one that is not based on any other distribution. In other words, it is now an original or independent distribution, with its own package management system.

This is my first look at this distribution and the following screen shots are from a test installations of the GNOME 3 and KDE editions of the first beta release of what will become StartOS 6.

Like almost every other distribution, StartOS 6 beta is made available as installable Live ISO images. The boot menu is shown below. Supported languages are English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

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