Spamassassin 2.61 for Debian 3.0
Posted on: 01/07/2004 05:30 AM has released Spamassassin 2.61 for Debian GNU/Linux 3.0

Perl-based spam filter using text analysis
spamassassin is a very powerful and fully configurable spam filter with numerous features including automatic white-listing, RBL testing, header and body text analysis. It is designed to be called from a user's .procmail or .forward file, but can be integrated into your Mail Transport Agent (MTA).

Included in this package is a daemonized form of spamassassin (spamd) which communicates with its client (spamc) via TCP, to reduce the overhead of loading perl with each message. To take advantage of this, you must install the spamc package.

Add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
# Spamassassin 2.61
deb stable spamassassin
deb-src stable spamassassin

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