SoL-desktop - The desktop extension to SoL has been released!
Posted on: 10/24/2002 12:40 PM

SoL-desktop - The desktop extension to SoL has been released!

What is SoL-desktop?

SoL-desktop is an expansion pack for SoL - Server optimized Linux. When installing SoL-desktop on a SoL 13.37 or 15.00 installation you get a desktop for office use!

Whats inside of SoL-desktop?

Version 0.1a of SoL-desktop comes with lots of goodies you need running Linux as a desktop. Here is a short list:
* KDE 3.0.3 with multimedia extensions
* Enlightenment 0.16.5
* OpenOffice 1.0.1
* MP3 encoders
* PalmPilot utilities
* ImageMagick graphic tools
* Gaim, the best AOL/ICQ/MSN client
* Gimp, the one and only photoshop competetor
* TeTeX package
* Wine, the windows emulator
* and many many more!

Where do I get SoL-desktop?

You can download SoL-desktop form one of the mirrors listed in the download section.

What are the requirements for SoL-desktop?

SoL-desktop needs a running SoL 13.37 or SoL 15.00 installation.
The SoL-desktop needs at least 1.2 GB of disk-space on SoL 15.00.
For SoL 13.37 you need a litte bit more because qt has to be installed (see README in the tar-ball for details).

SoL-desktop and SoL - Server optimized Linux is developed by "antitachyon - Manalo Willner OEG",

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