SLgtk 0.5.14 released
Posted on: 06/12/2005 02:55 AM

Version 0.5.14 of SLgtk is now available at

The SLgtk package wraps the GIMP toolkit widget set (Gtk) for use in S-Lang, and provides a simple and modular way of adding graphical interfaces to applications without recoding them from scratch as GUIs. SLgtk bundles scores of guilets, ranging in function from simple buttons and screen drawing all the way to through plotting and imaging of FITS files.

SLgtk also includes VWhere, an iterative, visual extension to the powerful S-Lang 'where' filtering command as described at

This release includes almost 20 enhancements, highlights of which are given below. In addition to raw source code, binary distributions are provided for Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS/X, compiled against either S-Lang1 or S-Lang2.

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