Slackware-Live CD
Posted on: 05/01/2003 11:53 AM

Thanks Spunz. Slackware-Live CD is a bootable CD containing Linux operating system. It runs Linux directly from CDROM without installing. The live CD described here is based on Slackware Linux distribution and is downloadable from this website as an ISO. There are also available all scripts and source codes needed to build your own live CD.

Slackware-Live CD contains:

kernel 2.4.20
Xfree86 4.3.0
KDE 3.1.1
KOffice 1.2.1
KDE games
Netscape 7.02
mplayer 0.90 final
kopete 0.6.1a
midnight commander 4.6
emacs 21.2
rdesktop 1.2.0
hotplug support
cdrtools 2.0
k3b 0.8.1 burning GUI for KDE
imagemagic 5.5.4
links 0.98
pine 4.53
wget 1.8.2
and much more...


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