Slackware 9.1: The installation experience
Posted on: 10/08/2003 04:25 PM

Linux Universe has published an article on Slackware 9.1

Slackware has always been a developer's or advanced user's product. It has simplicity and speed. However, it lacks some of the tools the commercial applications have for administration. So you'll need an intermediate level of skill for this, particularly working with shell scripts to customize your boot configuration.

I haven't used Slackware since the early days when you downloaded and installed everything from the floppy disk. I was hoping things would be less tedious installing over my Windows 2000 Dell Inspiron 8100 notebook with a 1.2 Ghz Pentium III-M. It would also prove challenging considering that it had PCMCIA cards and wireless networking with which to contend.

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