Posted on: 08/11/2004 03:58 AM

SimplyMEPIS RC4 has been released

Hardware support has been improved for 3D display acceleration including older ATI and Radeon cards, ACX111 based wifi cards including new DWL-G630, ndiswrapper for using win drivers, and ipw2100 series Centrino wifi.

Packages have been significantly updated for Skype, Xine-UI, and RealPlayer 10.

Autodetect and config has been improved for bttv, scsi usb and firewire storage devices, also sound cards and chips.

iPod support has been added including hfsplus filesystem and Gtkpod app.

The MEPIS Installation Center has been tweaked in response to user feedback.

This is the base version of MEPIS Linux on one CD. It is intended for both beginners and experienced Linux users. This version of MEPIS will be featured in Robin Miller's upcoming book and DVD "Point and Click Linux" which can be prepurchased from any of the major US book stores.

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