Silky 0.5.0
Posted on: 03/05/2004 03:04 PM

Silky 0.5.0 has been released

Silky is an easy to use SILC client for GTK+. Silky is available as Linux and Windows binaries as well as a source tarball. Libraries used include gtk2, glib2, libxml2, libglade2 and libsilc.

Changes shortly:

Fixed tab-completion, sorted nicklists, support for empty password for user's key, user's username and hostname are shown on channel operations, implemented lag detector, fixed known crash bugs, removed [x] buttons and introduced a new one, user is now notified when there's action on channel, configuration file format changed to xml, incoming invites are now shown, implemented settings tab for channels, added Afrikaans translation.

Read the full changelog from here:

Upgrade information:

If you are upgrading from older version of Silky, you need to remove your old silky.conf file, because the format has changed.

SILC Toolkit version compatibility:

This version of Silky requires version 0.9.11 of the SILC Toolkit. Version 0.9.12 does not work. The next release of Silky will use 0.9.12.

Getting Silky:

All releases of Silky are available from:

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