ShaoLin Microsystems Launches ShaoLin HA Cluster
Posted on: 03/27/2003 01:24 PM

I received the following press release from ShaoLin Microsystems:

The Easiest and Low-Cost High Availability Solution for Business Continuance

(HONG KONG, 27 March 2003) - ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd., the leading Linux-based software and solutions developer, today announced the launch of its ShaoLin HA Cluster, the first HA (High-Availability) software developed in Hong Kong. Targeting for enterprises, ShaoLin HA Cluster is the easiest and transparent cluster solution which transforms Linux operating system and all applications into high-availability, in turns creates reliable computing systems for business-critical applications with optimum uptime.

"Computer system is playing an increasing role in the daily operations of all and even the smallest organizations. All HA software and hardware in the marketplaces are generally developed by overseas companies. In view of high cost and complexity, HA software and systems are mostly used by large enterprises. As the first of its type developed in Hong Kong, ShaoLin HA Cluster is an affordable and scalable solution for small-medium sized business to large enterprises," stated Mr. David Chow, CEO of ShaoLin Microsystems.

"In such an e-driven business environment, application and system availability become more crucial than any other factors in business operation. System failure affects business operations, say the lost of an email not just affects company reputation, but may also lead to the lost of customer's order that worths millions dollars. System availability, no matter in planned or unplanned downtime is thus mission-critical," said Mr. Chow.

ShaoLin HA Cluster is an affordable and easy-to-use high-availability solution with the simplest management for elimination of system disruptions in the event of server failure. Through sharing a system image in a shared storage, all cluster servers could be mastered concurrently. System administrators only need to manage the system like a traditional standalone server instead of multiple complex clusters, which saves time for cluster nodes' administrations and training for administrators, as well as minimizing system failure caused by incorrect configurations. ShaoLin HA Cluster provides out-of-the-box high-availability, supports failover recovery for the total system rather than individual applications. Moreover, it uses the state-of-the-art kernel heartbeat technology, a crash safe process driven by system real time clock (RTC) to ensure accurate sub second system monitoring, control and failure detection.

"Beyond the inception stage of its growth, ShaoLin HA Cluster is in the pipeline of further enhancement. In order to cater for the needs of different users and working environment, more advanced editions will be developed such as for data centers and server farms, that are scheduled to be released by the second half of the year 2003," added Mr. Chow.

About ShaoLin Microsystems Ltd.

ShaoLin Microsystems Limited is one of the world's leaders in the creation and development of Linux-based system software and solutions. ShaoLin Microsystems provides end-to-end Linux solutions to different size of enterprises and organizations around the world. Based on our cutting-edge kernel and file system technologies, ShaoLin Microsystems' products allow customers full command over the open-source Linux operating system. ShaoLin focuses on software products development, which includes storage software, network management solutions, and clustering solutions. ShaoLin is recognized as one of the rapid growing Asian software companies with industry-leading products.

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