Setting up SSH keys for Secure Password-less SSH Login
Posted on: 10/04/2011 07:48 AM

Linux Poison posted a tutorial about setting up SSH keys for secure password-less SSH login

Setting up SSH keys for Secure Password-less SSH Login

OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on. Users of telnet, rlogin, and ftp may not realize that their password is transmitted across the Internet unencrypted, but it is. OpenSSH encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other attacks. Additionally, OpenSSH provides secure tunneling capabilities and several authentication methods, and supports all SSH protocol versions.

The OpenSSH suite replaces rlogin and telnet with the ssh program, rcp with scp, and ftp with sftp. Also included is sshd (the server side of the package), and the other utilities like ssh-add, ssh-agent, ssh-keysign, ssh-keyscan, ssh-keygen and sftp-server.

If you manage more than one or two hosts, you likely have to type the same password too often. This can get quite annoying. SSH allows you to setup a public and private keypair. Using these keys, you can connect to any host which has the public key, from any host which has the private key.

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