Server optimized Linux Release 16.00
Posted on: 03/17/2003 02:04 PM

SoL 16.00 has been released:

antitachyon is pleased to announce the release of Server optimized Linux - SoL 16.00. Server optimized Linux is an operating system free of charge and can be downloaded from various mirrors on the SoL website SoL 16.00 comes with most of the common server applications pre-installed in seperate directories to simplify and clarify version-updates. Furthermore antitachyon offers a remote update system for packages named SoLrus, which can already be used for SoL 16.00.

The system configuration is as transparent as in the previous releses 13.37 and 15.00 with the XML-boot and configuration technology, without the use of bloated graphical interfaces. The advantages and strength of a Linux system is not masked behind fault-prone click-tools, which cannot encompass all features of a Linux-system. The simplicity and authenticity of SoL makes it an ideal platform for education on GNU/Linux-systems.

Compared to the previous releases 13.37 and 15.00, SoL 16.00 contains more recent packages such as the Linux kernel 2.4.20, Apache 1.3.27, Sendmail 8.12.8, OpenSSL 0.9.7a, MySQL 3.23.55, etc. A detailed version information is given on the SoL-website.

SoL 16.00 is even more server-oriented: Some desktop-applications such as gnome, xchat, xmms, enlightenment, qt, etc. were removed from SoL and will reappear in the coming relese of SoL-desktop, the desktop extension of

The publication of the build-scripts for SoL 15.00 were deprecated because of SoLrus, the new remote update system for SoL. The compile-options of the packages can just be taken from the scripts of SoLrus, which downloads the source codes from the original locations and updates the packages automatically with the compile-options used for SoL 16.00. Packages not included in SoL 16.00 will also be offered in SoLrus.

The installation mechanism of SoL 16.00 still supports EXT2 and the journaling file systems EXT3 and ReiserFS. The newest release of SoL-diag 1.1, a hard-diskless Linux system is included in the disk-image of SoL 16.00. SoL-diag 1.1 was designed for diagnosis and rescue of almost any operating system that runs on i686-based hardware. A DVD/mpeg/mp3-payer is included in SoL-diag as a bonus, making it possible to watch DVDs or listen to mp3s without installing an operating system.

About SoL
SoL - Server optimized Linux - is a free operating system developed by a young company, antitachyon - Manalo Willner OEG, situated in Vienna, Austria. antitachyon is devoted to developing Open Source software and consulting other companies to migrate from proprietary software-solutions to the use of Open Source software.

The most essential advantages of SoL is the simplicity and clarity of the XML boot-technology and a big variety of pre-installed server applications to give you the best possible server operating system.

Contact information
Further information about SoL can be found on the SoL-website

antitachyon - Manalo Willner OEG
Hugogasse 1/2, 1110 Wien
Tel.: +43 (1) 920 2393
Fax.: +43 (1) 920 8427

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