Security For The Individual And Small Business
Posted on: 07/23/2004 04:42 AM

JimF has posted an article on security for the individual and small business

I've been hearing a lot of bantering about the importance of 'security' in Windows and in Linux. Most of this is apparently by people who either have learned security routines in large enterprise environments, or who've just heard this somewhere and accepted it as god's word. The truth is that few have even an inkling of what comprises 'appropriate' security for an OS in anything other than a large corporation.

Security in a large organization is 'always' set up for the 'least competent' user imaginable, and although this is necessary in an open corporate environment it is not necessarily applicable to personal or small business situations. All too often this results in an unnecessarily restrictive security setup which dramatically inhibits the usefulness of the system for all users; almost as bad as no security.

By no means would I try to supply a complete document on computer Security, but this should provide guidelines for users to understand the basics of what is needed for appropriate security on a home or home based business system, and hopefully get people thinking in the right direction.

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