Seahorse 0.9.9
Posted on: 12/20/2006 01:46 PM

This is a development release.

Seahorse is a GNOME application for managing encryption keys. It also integrates with nautilus, gedit and other places for encryption/decryption operations.

Current work on seahorse is going into making encryption easier for end users to use and (where needed) comprehend.

Important Note:

The GPG and SSH agent code now runs in the 'seahorse-agent' process. This is similar to how it used to work in Seahorse 0.8.x.

If you've been running development versions (ie: 0.9.x) and have been starting 'seahorse-daemon' in your session, you'll need to change that to 'seahorse-agent' after installing this release.

Documentation on the nitty-gritty of properly starting seahorse-agent can be found here:

Changes between 0.9.8 and 0.9.9:

* Documentation fixes by lt;milo_casagrande@yahoo.itgt;
* Split agent and DBus daemon into separate processes
for security and stability reasons.
* Fix crasher when selecting and filtering keys.
* Fix crashes in the agent, and handling of invalid
protocol data.
* Ability to hide tray icon for cached secrets.
* Fix crash when typing passwords.
* Better configuration for agent, now sets 'use-agent'
in configuration file.
* Fix crash when closing window or deleting keys.
* Add Subkey dialog now works properly.

Updated Translations:

* Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
* Daniel Nylander (sv)


Source code:
[MD5 sum: 412ee5c4b6e36b765db8fd27d1ec360a]


* Bug reports are appreciated and should be filed in the
GNOME Bugzilla.

Nate Nielsen

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