SCO Linux 4.0
Posted on: 11/24/2002 11:34 PM

Saw over Distrowatch:

SCO Linux 4.0, Caldera's new server distribution based on United Linux 1.0 was launched early this week, but how does one get hold of it? SCO's own web site is particularly secretive about it so here is some information as presented to OpenLinux mailing list subscribers: "SCO Linux is available through our channel partners only. To purchase a copy, use the partner locator at to find a partner near you. As for downloads, the only provision the UnitedLinux LLC makes for royalty free copies of a "Powered by UnitedLinux" distribution is for developers. If you join SCO's (free) developer program you will be able to download the ISOs as soon as they are pushed to the site (with any luck some time early next week). I'll post to the list as soon as they are available." So that explains the distribution model for SCO Linux 4.0, while this is the place to join the SCO Developer Network and obtain a copy of United Linux 1.0, once available.

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