Scientific Linux LiveCD/DVD 6.0 released
Posted on: 03/09/2011 12:46 PM

Scientific Linux 6.0 LiveCD/DVD has been released

Scientific Linux 6.0 LiveCD/DVDs are officially released. They are available
for 32-bit and 64-bit and come with following window managers

LiveMiniCD icewm
LiveCD gnome, icewm
LiveDVD gnome, kde, icewm

Software was added from rpmforge, epel and elrepo (see EXTRA SOFTWARE)
to include additional filesystem support (ntfs, reiserfs), more secure
network connection (openvpn, vpnc, pptp), and several rescue and
filesystem tools (testdisk, dd_rescue, ddrescue, gparted).

I would like to thank everybody who help to test the LiveCD!


Alternatively use a public mirror or torrent:


For SL6 the way how the LiveCD was built has completely changed. It is
now based on the Fedora LiveCD Tools.
If you install the LiveCD to hard drive, the installation of the live
image is now done by anaconda similar to the normal SL6 installation.
You can also install the LiveCD on an USB stick with persistent changes
using liveusb-creator included in SL6.
To build your own LiveCD use livecd-tools from SL6.


kernel 2.6.32-71.18.1.el6
xorg 7.3
icewm 1.2.37
gnome 2.28.6
firefox 3.6.14
thunderbird 3.1.8 3.2.1 (only on LiveDVD)
kde 4.3.4 (only on LiveDVD)
... and more


fuse-ntfs-3g (rpmforge)
fuse-sshfs (rpmforge)
ntfsprogs (rpmforge)
progsreiserfs (rpmforge)
dd_rescue (rpmforge)
ddrescue (rpmforge)
iperf (rpmforge)
flash-plugin (rpmforge)
testdisk (rpmforge)
rxvt-unicode (only MiniCD) (rpmforge)
gparted (epel)
NetworkManager-openvpn (epel)
NetworkManager-vpnc (epel)
NetworkManager-pptp (epel)
vpnc-consoleuser (epel)
kmod-reiserfs (elrepo)
kmod-ndiswrapper (elrepo)
reiserfs-utils (elrepo)


pw=any_password set password
noautologin disable auto login
noswap do not use SWAP partition found on hard drive
automount enable auto mounting (rw) of all found hard drives
user=username user name of local user, default is sluser
xdriver=driver use a specific driver for the X server
cups=server the CUPS server
hostname=name set the hostname
check verify LiveCD before booting


* Install to hard drive crashes, if a disk is mounted. Per default no
hard drives are mounted.
* Some features which you might know from SL4/SL5 LiveCD are not included.
* Support for diskless client is very limited. You need twice as much RAM
as the size of the LiveCD.

More information can be found at

Urs Beyerle

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