Scientific Linux 7.0 x86_64 Alpha 2 released
Posted on: 07/13/2014 07:13 AM

The second alpha release of Scientific Linux 7.0 has been released

Scientific Linux 7.0 x86_64 Alpha 2 released


Please review the SL release notes at:

The Upstream release notes are at:

These packages were built at Fermilab from TUV's sources.

You can find the release at:

NOTE: The 'everything' dvd image requires a Dual-Layer (DL) compatible
drive for both burning and booting off of. The livecd-iso-to-disk
utility is able to convert this to USB successfully.

Send comments/issues/test reports to:
[log in to unmask]


* Removed TUV branding from:
** abrt
** dhcp
** libreport
** PackageKit
** subscription-manager

* Correctly signed sl-logos
** Thanks Stephan Wiesand for the report.

* Updated firstboot
** Now has correct Requires
** Thanks to Bill Maidment for reporting this issue and getting
resolution upstream. Future customization should not be required.

* Updated sl-release
** For (hopefully clear and explicit) documentation please review
** This documentation will be published with each version of SL7 so it
is important to be sure we've got clear wording here. Sorry for making
you go look elsewhere.
** Special thanks to:
*** Mátyás Selmeci
*** Andras Horvath

* Updated Anaconda (installer)
** Should now correctly support XFS in all standard cases

* Removed subscription-manager-migration
** Thanks to Akemi Yagi for the report

* Added yum-conf-elrepo
** Thanks to Akemi Yagi and the whole ELRepo team for making this ready!

* Added SL_no_colorls per community request
** Testing by the community is requested

* Added SL_enable_serialconsole per community request
** Testing by the community is requested

* Added yum-conf-sl7x
** Currently it does nothing, but will eventually point yum to the SL 7x

* Added yum-cron to the default installation
** In SL5 and SL6 yum-autoupdate was used for this task
** The default configuration does not exclude any packages
*** You can modify /etc/yum-cron.conf to set any exclude you wish
*** Historically automatic updates on SL excluded the kernel
*** Some community comments on this difference between SL6 and SL7 would
be helpful.


* OpenAFS
** Stephan Wiesand has offered to build OpenAFS packages for SL7
*** He has a proposal on scientific-linux-devel for a possible packaging
setup. Interested parties should provide feedback.

* yum-conf-epel
** EPEL is still in BETA and as such we are waiting until things
solidify more in that area before loading the repository config information.

* Secure Boot
** Scientific Linux has joined the UEFI forum with the intent of
providing valid secure boot images. This it not yet implemented.


* default tuning
** The current default tuning is the upstream provided 'balanced' from
tuned. This profile tries to provide even performance for any workload.
Alternatively we could set the profile to one optimized for IO
intensive workloads. However, it is less power efficient and less
sensitive to latency.

* Installation Media
** We are currently making two install iso images: Network and
Everything. The Everything image is a Dual Layer DVD image.
** Are these sufficient?

== In Conclusion ==
Please keep the feedback coming!

For organization sake, I'll ask that package/feature questions be put
into their own email thread.

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