Scientific Linux 6.5 Carbon Review
Posted on: 03/04/2014 11:20 AM

Dedoimedo posted a review of Scientific Linux 6.5 Carbon 64-bit edition

Scientific Linux 6.5 Carbon Review

The one operating system that will outlast the galaxy is RedHat Enterprise Linux. But so will CentOS, which is based on it with an almost religious fervor. And so will Scientific Linux, our test darling for today, which is also based on the said platform.

The thing is, Scientific Linux is a solution for those who seek absolutely stability and reliability plus long-term support and care less about the bling-bling, if to a point, because this distro does bring some joy to the masses. So somewhere in between Fedora and RHEL slash CentOS. I've played with Scientific quite a lot in the past, and it has always struck me as a decent kind of system, even for home use. Let's see what version 6.5 can do.

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