Scientific Linux 6.1 Release Candidate 1
Posted on: 07/16/2011 09:05 AM

The first release candidate of Scientific Linux 6.1 is available

Everything is looking very stable.
We will let Release Candidate 1 (RC1) sit for a week and a half so
people can find any last minute bugs. If everything goes well we expect
RC2 on July 26, with the final release later that week.

DVD and Net Install downloads are at

Changes since SL 6.1 Beta 2

* sl-indexhtml
- Fixed minor typo's
- de-DE translation provided by Christoph Galuschka
- ja-JP translation provided by Tomoya Inoue
- fr-FR translation provided by Manuel Wolfshant and Fabian Arrotin
- We will accept translated pages up until July 25, 2011

* sl-release
- Updated yum configurations to point to 6.1 instead of 6rolling.

* sl-revisor-configs
- Added iso_label and iso_basename to revisor.conf entries
- Changed all configurations in conf.d to be 6x instead of 6.0
- Updated ks/sl6.match.tuv.install.dvd.*.ks to match 6.1
- Updated ks/sl6.all.groups.ks to match SL 6.1 groups

* yum-conf-sl-other
- Changed fastbugs and debuginfo from 6rolling to $releasever

* Install Images
- boot.iso
-- Network install
- Install-DVD
-- Normal DVD install
- Everything-DVD1 and DVD2
-- Has all the packages in the release
-- If you install with these, do not select any extra repos
- Please read the readme for more information about install media

The Scientific Linux Development Team

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