Scientific Linux 6.1 Carbon review - Almost there
Posted on: 08/22/2011 08:06 PM

Dedoimedo posted a review on Scientific Linux 6.1 Carbon

Scientific Linux 6.1 Carbon review - Almost there

have reviewed Scientific Linux 6.0 only three months ago, and here we have a service pack release, which means back to the test cave. In particular, today's review should be all the more interesting given my spectacular delight with CentOS 6. My desktop setups rarely change, but they sure will now, with CentOS as a new addition. The only question is, can Scientific Linux fit in there as the ultimate RedHat offspring?

Pitted against the likes of Linux Mint, Kubuntu and openSUSE, especially given the radical terraforming in the Linux desktop environment landscape, bulldozed by the likes of Unity and Gnome 3, staying with a proper and functional Gnome 2 desktop or the massively reformed KDE 4.6 one is more than just an aesthetic challenge. But Scientific did not quite best the competition in its six-oh-zero release. Perhaps the service packs brings in the much needed perfection?

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