Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 5.0 GNOME and KDE
Posted on: 10/03/2009 10:37 AM

Sabayon Linux 5.0 has been released

After a tremendous, though work, Sabayon5 is eventually here with a joint release of GNOME and KDE editions. Dedicated to those who like cutting edge stability, out of the box experience, outstanding Desktop performance, clean and beauty. Sabayon 5.o (five-point-ooh!) will catch you, anything that could have been compiled, has been compiled, anything cool that could have been implemented or updated, it's there: you will find outstanding amount of new applications and features, like XBMC 9.04.1 (formerly known as Xbox Media Center), KDE 4.3.1, GNOME 2.26, E17, Linux kernel 2.6.31 and so forth.
So, come on, go catch it, it's half a DVD away from you!

Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 5.0 GNOME and KDE

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