Sabayon 8.0 review - The love is gone
Posted on: 03/04/2012 09:03 AM

Dedoimedo posted a review on Sabayon 8.0

Sabayon 8.0 review - The love is gone

All right fellas! Ho studiato Linuxiano a la universita. Or whatever. Here we go, a review of Sabayon 8.0 with KDE desktop, a Gentoo-based Italian distribution, covering live session, installation and post-install use, including Wireless, look & feel, multimedia playback - MP3 and Flash, dual-boot setup with Windows 8, applications, package management, desktop effects, system performance, stability, suspend & resume, some annoyances, and more.

Once upon a time, Sabayon impressed me as a cute, furry mutation of Gentoo, a distribution forged in virgin's blood and C code. It was big, even massive, and dared fight byte for byte with the likes of Vista. While most distributions were proud to claim their minimalistic share of GB for the installation, Sabayon shouted gimme more. It was nice. Lots of fun stuff, games, a media center, whatnot. Then it went downhill.

Between versions oh-four and oh-five, some of the fun was gone, traded for maturity that did not suit it well. In fact, I let Sabayon rest for a while before picking it up again for today's review. Now I'm aware of its Gentoo legacy, so credits are due when they are due, but that does not make the need for a suitable, friendly desktop environment any less. Therefore, me asking, can Sabayon deliver?

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