Run Windows in Ubuntu with VMware Player
Posted on: 06/02/2010 06:15 PM

Howtogeek posted a guide about running Windows in Ubuntu with VMware Player

Run Windows in Ubuntu with VMware Player

Are you an enthusiast who loves their Ubuntu Linux experience but still needs to use Windows programs? Heres how you can get the full Windows experience on Ubuntu with the free VMware Player.

Linux has become increasingly consumer friendly, but still, the wide majority of commercial software is only available for Windows and Macs. Dual-booting between Windows and Linux has been a popular option for years, but this is a frustrating solution since you have to reboot into the other operating system each time you want to run a specific application. With virtualization, you'll never have to make this tradeoff. VMware Player makes it quick and easy to install any edition of Windows in a virtual machine. With VMware?s great integration tools, you can copy and paste between your Linux and Windows programs and even run native Windows applications side-by-side with Linux ones.

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