rpm.livna.org repositories for Fedora 8 (Werewolf) now available
Posted on: 11/10/2007 05:46 PM

rpm.livna.org repositories for Fedora 8 are now available:

On behalf of the Livna ( http://rpm.livna.org ) contributers I'd like to announce the availability of the Livna package repository for Fedora 8 (Werewolf). The Livna repository hosts software as RPM packages which cannot be shipped in the official Fedora repository for various reasons and supports the i386, x86_64 and ppc architectures.

Using the Livna repository gives your Werewolf the ability to play all kinds of audio such as MP3 files and plays DVDs. Additionally Livna offers the ATI and Nvidia closed-source drivers in a Fedora-compatible rpm package for the Fedora users whose videocards are not yet fully supported with the stock open source drivers.

You can browse the repository at http://rpm.livna.org/fedora/8/ To make it available on a freshly installed Fedora 8 system run the following command:

$ su -c 'rpm -ivh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-8.rpm'

Further below you'll find some more examples on getting the important bits for a modern system installed from livna.

On another note, I have some sad news:

Fedora 8 will be the last release livna will be offering its add-on packages for. But don't despair, the future is bright: The Livna contributers are busy working together with the guys behind dribble and freshrpms to offer a unified repository in the future bringing you games, multimedia software and other tools from a single source. This merged repository is called "RPM Fusion"; you can find more information about it at http://rpmfusion.org/

Interested? Want to help? Then don't hesitate and subscribe to the developers mailing lists at http://lists.rpmfusion.org/mailman/listinfo/rpmfusion-developers or meet us in the #rpmfusion channel on freenode.

That's all folks. Thank you for your attention and we wish you a very pleasant flight with the newly released Fedora 8 together with the Livna repositories.

Thorsten Leemhuis

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