RPM Search engine
Posted on: 12/10/2002 11:08 PM

Marc Rendenbach send words that rpmseek.com is a new RPM search website

Most major Linux distributions facilitate a bottom-of-the-line administration of software by using the RedHat® Package Manager. The required rpm packages are available on the Internet multifariously.

The new Linux portal www.rpmseek.com offers users of the Linux operating system a convenient search engine for rpm packages. The packages can be searched by various criterions, such as package name, file name, distribution, keywords, dependencies or files that a package contains. Dependecies between packages are resolved by cross references.

For every rpm package there are numerous detailed informations collected, links to different mirror servers are listed for the download in geographically arranged order.

Another highlight is the classification of all rpm packages into categories. This way, a special software type or functionality can be found by browsing the tree structure of the categories.

More distributions are added continuously. Moreover, discussion groups and search facilities for FAQs, Howtos, Man Pages, RFCs etc. will by added soon.

The portal's target is to provide a central contact point for software, documentations, questions and answers around the open source operating system Linux.

Visit RPM seek

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