Rosegarden-4 0.9.7 released
Posted on: 03/28/2004 08:37 AM

Rosegarden-4 0.9.7, an audio and MIDI sequencer and score editor for Linux, has been released

The main focus of this release is to introduce a new, more accurate and efficient audio layer with a mixer window, basic internal routing capabilities, more complete plugin support, and support for the JACK transport API.

This release also includes a number of other new features such as a dedicated tempo and time signature editor window, segment summary window, pitch-bend ruler, more useful controller rulers and various new editing operations and keyboard shortcuts in the graphical editors.

Features of Rosegarden include:

o Score, piano-roll, event list and track overview editors
o MIDI and audio playback and recording with ALSA and JACK
o Audio plugin support using LADSPA
o Score interpretation of performance MIDI data
o MIDI file I/O, Csound, Lilypond and MusicXML export
o Clear and consistent KDE-based user interface
o Shareable device (.rgd) files to ease MIDI portability
o Translations into Russian, Spanish, German, French, Welsh, Italian, Swedish and Estonian, as well as UK and US English.

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