Rosegarden 1.0pre1 released
Posted on: 12/16/2004 07:42 PM

ROSEGARDEN 1.0pre1 has been released

The Rosegarden team are delighted to announce the 1.0pre1 (aka 0.9.91) release of Rosegarden 4, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

This release is the continuation of beta testing, prior to the nearing 1.0 release.

Rosegarden is one of the most comprehensive Linux music software projects, and is the only Linux application to offer full composition and recording capabilities to musicians who prefer to use classical notation. We encourage anyone who may be interested in using the 1.0 release to try out 1.0pre1 and provide bug reports and other feedback via the mailing lists and bug trackers.

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