RHSA-2007:0917-01 Moderate: php security update
Posted on: 10/23/2007 06:55 PM

A new update is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Here the announcement:

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Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Moderate: php security update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2007:0917-01
Advisory URL: https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2007-0917.html
Issue date: 2007-10-23
Updated on: 2007-10-23
Product: Red Hat Application Stack
CVE Names: CVE-2007-3799 CVE-2007-3996 CVE-2007-3998
CVE-2007-4659 CVE-2007-4658 CVE-2007-4670
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1. Summary:

Updated PHP packages that fix several security issues are now available for
Red Hat Application Stack.

This update has been rated as having moderate security impact by the Red
Hat Security Response Team.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

Red Hat Application Stack v2 for Enterprise Linux (v.5) - i386, x86_64

3. Problem description:

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language commonly used with the Apache
HTTP Web server.

These updated packages address the following vulnerabilities:

Various integer overflow flaws were found in the PHP gd extension. A
script that could be forced to resize images from an untrusted source could
possibly allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code as the apache
user. (CVE-2007-3996)

A previous security update introduced a bug into PHP session cookie
handling. This could allow an attacker to stop a victim from viewing a
vulnerable web site if the victim has first visited a malicious web page
under the control of the attacker, and that page can set a cookie for the
vulnerable web site. (CVE-2007-4670)

A flaw was found in the PHP money_format function. If a remote attacker
was able to pass arbitrary data to the money_format function this could
possibly result in an information leak or denial of service. Note that is
is unusual for a PHP script to pass user-supplied data to the money_format
function. (CVE-2007-4658)

A flaw was found in the PHP wordwrap function. If a remote attacker was
able to pass arbitrary data to the wordwrap function this could possibly
result in a denial of service. (CVE-2007-3998)

A bug was found in PHP session cookie handling. This could allow an
attacker to create a cross-site cookie insertion attack if a victim follows
an untrusted carefully-crafted URL. (CVE-2007-3799)

A flaw was found in handling of dynamic changes to global variables. A
script which used certain functions which change global variables could
be forced to enable the register_globals configuration option, possibly
resulting in global variable injection. (CVE-2007-4659)

An integer overflow flaw was found in the PHP chunk_split function. If a
remote attacker was able to pass arbitrary data to the third argument of
chunk_split they could possibly execute arbitrary code as the apache user.
Note that it is unusual for a PHP script to use the chunk_split function
with a user-supplied third argument. (CVE-2007-4661)

Users of PHP should upgrade to these updated packages which contain
backported patches to correct these issues.

4. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

To update all RPMs for your particular architecture, run:

rpm -Fvh [filenames]

where [filenames] is a list of the RPMs you wish to upgrade. Only those
RPMs which are currently installed will be updated. Those RPMs which are
not installed but included in the list will not be updated. Note that you
can also use wildcards (*.rpm) if your current directory *only* contains
the desired RPMs.

Please note that this update is also available via Red Hat Network. Many
people find this an easier way to apply updates. To use Red Hat Network,
launch the Red Hat Update Agent with the following command:


This will start an interactive process that will result in the appropriate
RPMs being upgraded on your system.

5. Bug IDs fixed (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

250726 - CVE-2007-3799 php cross-site cookie insertion
276081 - CVE-2007-3998 php floating point exception inside wordwrap
276531 - CVE-2007-4659 php zend_alter_ini_entry() memory_limit interruption
278011 - CVE-2007-4658 php money_format format string issue
278031 - CVE-2007-3996 php multiple integer overflows in gd
278041 - CVE-2007-4670 php malformed cookie handling
278161 - CVE-2007-4661 php size calculation in chunk_split

6. RPMs required:

Red Hat Application Stack v2 for Enterprise Linux (v.5) :

e687175bc07eab174e25abfa0dca9534 php-5.2.3-3.el5s2.src.rpm

b75257f1461ddacc4225dfbd891b87c0 php-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
cb472d5aaf4ead14957de0623bb3d4b0 php-bcmath-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
4699cbe6cdbc71a5f6a1759978f54251 php-cli-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
4724204a1e88eb1c5aed999dbf91ec67 php-common-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
b9de6d61bfeac292c42f942fa9028ab0 php-dba-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
846597bc34fe474947aa7b53ccb5c9da php-debuginfo-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
aabc9ea6aab27c1ee72a2f572b2a7d6e php-devel-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
8f80b518067d270abebebad0ae106ad3 php-gd-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
2a94e6d5702a43e7ce122700d10623df php-imap-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
9be1e1f1586fbed06b072fe1450f87a1 php-ldap-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
6022524a6d83957557931e40b2e7b0eb php-mbstring-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
bdc5fdbeed9c3ec4a38d39f5c311a380 php-mysql-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
766c6870d011afdef2252b38586b8757 php-ncurses-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
f485a913c5a2a62ecfab4af6ebdfeeb6 php-odbc-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
4accbad7b61afde3cf04e7080816ab27 php-pdo-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
948e9ded764717a015b13545f8c3ae76 php-pgsql-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
58d564da90e8cb502f5f275b306dbb40 php-snmp-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
3f4c98ff0f1e6bb6d82f095210b717d3 php-soap-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
8948939da05b4c3fba26361de13a8fba php-xml-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm
112adcbe4b0d4d678b3e31b3283ac3cb php-xmlrpc-5.2.3-3.el5s2.i386.rpm

1abd82cd077414578c0e9d089aad86a1 php-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
f0ee0e1049ddf2468d2660de416e99f8 php-bcmath-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
fed55d2cd7a05ef9a713a3dca80b7854 php-cli-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
0fe6dedad39ec7c72f365c73cea751be php-common-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
0fafd4f847edd0e46395883faf26158c php-dba-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
7e7de482ff435455ea95d8fcbd2b2433 php-debuginfo-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
d9bb222938344fde246415f30b6707a4 php-devel-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
e43176b50da43f3c03667cd839d40892 php-gd-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
bcae5919312d5c7667aebd8c37f73def php-imap-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
c46e4cff3b9d4951d99689d8b8e66450 php-ldap-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
1e7610c3e9f7980ed5746ad9d1617fa2 php-mbstring-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
9742d3a1435fd94b9546d9ec14e825ee php-mysql-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
19333f47eaae706437e09de493e8dc1a php-ncurses-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
f320e99dd5c77c7c72cc675be50ad66f php-odbc-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
71081a91ab2a7479ebde113726316452 php-pdo-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
f03c434be520b19dff2717e35a773038 php-pgsql-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
542e220bce399a52527e10bbc0266c9a php-snmp-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
2e093e544a9daab2d8d47949a98ecf12 php-soap-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
9dd382af22a630f7e9d8522c451713ad php-xml-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm
e5606dab1ed2af4baa68ddd3ba6fdfcb php-xmlrpc-5.2.3-3.el5s2.x86_64.rpm

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and
details on how to verify the signature are available from

7. References:


8. Contact:

The Red Hat security contact is lt;secalert@redhat.comgt;. More contact
details at https://www.redhat.com/security/team/contact/

Copyright 2007 Red Hat, Inc.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.4 (GNU/Linux)


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