RHEL 6.0 Server Evaluation - thoughts and screenshots
Posted on: 11/27/2010 01:03 PM

All things Linux takes a look at Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0

RHEL 6.0 Server Evaluation - thoughts and screenshots

Ever since trying the Alpha of Scientific Linux 6 I've been wanting to check out the finished upstream product. Good thing Red Hat offers 30 day evaluations and a few days ago, although confessing that I'm planning to stay with 5.x for a considerable time to come, registered to download an evaluation copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, the only one available for testing. However, you can turn this into anything you like.

I'm still running Slackware on my desktops, but truth be told Red Hat products, that includes Fedora for me, seem to work best on this laptop (although Arch does too, no complaints). Others did either not recognise the (wired) NIC, had problems setting up the sound card, or crashed unacceptably often.

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