Removal of CentOS 3.1 from mirrors
Posted on: 01/13/2005 07:32 AM

CentOS 3.1 has been released from the mirros

With the release of CentOS 3.4 the decision has been taken to remove CentOS 3.1 from the mirrors. This will save approximately 18 GB of space and make room for new architectures and CentOS 4.0 .

CentOS 3.1 was superceded by CentOS 3.3 in September, and at that time a new centos-release rpm was pushed into the 3.1 tree to update users to 3.3 . The only people that wont be updated are those that may have hardcoded 3.1 into their yum.conf and for them we have been pushing updates back into the 3.1 tree.

Now 3.1 is a symlink to 3.3 so that even if they have hardcoded yum.conf (dont !!) they will now get the 3.3 tree, which will make little difference as the updates were all in the 3.1 tree anyway.

3.1 was only released for i386.


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