Rekall 2.2.0-Beta4 and Rekall 2.3.0-Beta0
Posted on: 04/19/2004 06:45 AM

Rekall 2.2.0-Beta4 and Rekall 2.3.0-Beta0 has been released


This is the latest beta release for 2.2.0. It should fix the following problems reported in 2.2.0-Beta3:

* Missing images in documentation
* Nested block search problem

In addition, values in spinbox controls are correctly used in queries.


For people who like living on the bleeding edge.

Quite a lot is planned for 2.3.x. The main addition thus far is a form design toolbox (personally, I dislike toolboxes, but they seem to be popular) and a bunch of control creation wizards. Some of this stuff is incomplete, please feel free to try this release but maybe not in a production environment, though all *should* be OK when running forms.

Rekall is also moving to using scons ( as a build system, since I have finally had it with autotools. Beta0 doens't quite cut it, but Beta1 should.


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