Red Hat Linux Project Updates
Posted on: 09/17/2003 11:50 AM

The Red Hat Linux Project website has been updated with the following:

We have received a lot of interest, comments, and questions, which have resulted in us rethinking some of our initial plans.

Some things we are working on before we relaunch are:

* Collaborating with existing projects to avoid duplication of effort
* Incorporating community suggestions and feedback
* We are excited to announce that we are working on an alliance with another well-known provider of Red-Hat compatible packages.
* We are doing work on renaming the project and will re-launch the web site after that renaming is done.
* In the meantime, a wide range of updates to the first test release of Severn, including GNOME 2.4, are available on RHN in the "Red Hat Linux (Severn) 9.0.93 - Beta Updates" channel. Please subscribe and update!
* We will update our web site with the new name and new schedule by the Monday the 22nd of September, weather permitting.
* The exact timing of the next test release of Severn will depend on the weather and on our weather preparations; for now all we know for sure is that our weather preparations will not allow us to make a release this week.

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