Red Hat Linux 8.1 Beta 3
Posted on: 02/19/2003 08:54 PM

Red Hat has released the third beta of their upcoming Red Hat Linux 8.1 distribution

Red Hat Linux 8.1 (PHOEBE) is 6 CDs of software (3 binary, 3 source), including, among other things:
- the latest in bleeding-edge desktop and XFree86 technology
- Mozilla 1.2.1, with Xft antialiased fonts - glibc-2.3.1, with the new Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL), for performant and scalable threading

PHOEBE is, of course, not intended for use on mission critical or other production systems.

Fixes in this update (Beta 3) include, among many others:

- updates to the kernel and glibc for NPTL thread support
- GNOME 2.2
- KDE 3.1
- many many many many bugfixes

[ Download [url=downloadget.php?id=31file=1]CD1[/url] | [url=downloadget.php?id=31file=2]CD2[/url] | [url=downloadget.php?id=31file=3]CD3[/url] | [url=downloadget.php?id=31file=4]CD4[/url] | [url=downloadget.php?id=31file=5]CD5[/url] | [url=downloadget.php?id=31file=6]CD6[/url] ]

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