PyGtksourceview 1.90.1
Posted on: 06/25/2007 10:30 AM

I am pleased to announce version 1.90.1 of the Gtksourceview Python bindings.

Once the mirrors have sync correctly it will be available at:

The bindings are updated with the new Gtksourceview API

News in 1.90.1

o plenty of fixes in defs file (muntyan, pbor)
o require pygobject 2.8 instead of 2.10 (muntyan)
o updated View and Buffer constructors (muntyan)
o removed Source prefix (muntyan)
o test-widget now works removing old gnome print stuff (muntyan)


gtksourceview is a library that provides a widget for source code display
and editing, derived from Gtk's TextView, and used by gedit and nemiver,
among others.

gtksourceview has recently been released 1.90.0 as a major update of the library.

The greatest changes in this release are the introduction of a new, smarter highlighting engine (which is context aware, and so allows much more niceties than the old one) and a theming support (easier configuration of colors it uses, better fit in dark themes).

Also, the printing support has been removed (thus dropping the gnomeprint dependency), since we currently expect people to implement it on an application basis using the new GtkPrint API, allowing much more control.

PyGtksourceview requires:

o Gtksourceview gt;= 1.90.1
o PyGObject gt;= 2.8.0 (2.11.3 to build the docs)
o PyGTK gt;= 2.8.0

Bug reports should go to:

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