PyGTK 2.7.1 released
Posted on: 07/22/2005 04:18 PM

I just put up a tarball of PyGTK 2.7.1 on, it can be fetched from:

once the mirrors have synced correctly.

What's new in 2.7?

See the wiki page for an overview of news in 2.8:

What's new since 2.7.0?
- Update API to Gtk+ 2.7.3 (Johan)
- Threading, Enum fixes (Johan
- Registration fixes (Gustavo)
- Make use of atomic ref counting in glib (Johan)

The wrapping for 2.7.x widgets is now complete, 2.7.x is now considered API frozen and will not change in upcoming versions

This is an unstable release and needs to be well tested, so we're happy if users and developers can test their program against it, but don't be surprised if you find a bug or two.


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