PyGooCanvas 0.6.0
Posted on: 02/20/2007 06:16 PM

I am pleased to announce version 0.6.0 of the Python bindings for Goocanvas.

It is available at:

The bindings are updated with the new Goocanvas API

PyGooCanvas 0.6.0 (Feb 19 2007)

o Rename and implement latest API changes according to
goocanvas 0.6 (Gian Mario)
o wrap GooCanvasItem.find_child_property as classmethod (Gian Mario)
o New example of Table (Gian Mario)
o Wrap goo_canvas_polyline_model_new_line Gian Mario)
o Wrap goo_canvas_item_model_[get|set]_child_properties (Gian Mario)
o Wrap goo_canvas_item_[get|set]_child_properties (Gian Mario)
o Add setters for bounds_x1, bounds_x2, bounds_y1,
bounds_y2 of goocanvas.ItemSimple. Closes LP#81992. (Gustavo)
o Wrap all new methods of goocanvas.Style (Gustavo)
o Implement mapping methods in goocanvas.Style (Gustavo)
o _wrap_GooCanvasItem__proxy_do_get_bounds,
Override to implement proper 'return value' semantics for the
bounds parameter. (Gustavo)
o Add a reversewrapper. Parameter handler for GooCanvasBounds* (Gustavo)
o Added new examples (Gian Mario, Gustavo)
o _cairo_pattern_to_gvalue: allow pattern=None in properties (Gustavo)
o Regenerated defs files with new goocanvas include files (Gian Mario)


Goocanvas [1] is a canvas widget for GTK+, It is similar in many ways
to FooCanvas, hence the name, but it uses cairo for rendering, it has
an optional model/view split, and uses interfaces for items views
(so you can easily turn any application object into a canvas item or

PyGooCanvas is a wrapper which exposes the goocanvas API to the
python world. It is fairly complete; most of the API are covered.

The documentation is a work in progress, needs quite a lot of work in
order to reflect the new API, a lot of new examples are provided,
anyway help will be greatly appreciated.

Like the GTK+ library, PyGTK and GooCanvas itself PyGooCanvas is
licensed under the GNU LGPL, so is suitable for use in both
free software and proprietary applications.

PyGooCanvas requires:

o Goocanvas gt;= 0.6.0
o PyGObject gt;= 2.10.1 (2.11.3 to build the docs)
o PyGTK gt;= 2.10.4
o PyCairo gt;= 1.2.0

Bug reports should go to

Gian Mario Tagliaretti

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