PyGooCanvas 0.10.0
Posted on: 05/02/2008 09:19 AM

PyGooCanvas 0.10.0 has been released

I am pleased to announce version 0.10.0 of the Python bindings for oocanvas.

It is available at:

The bindings are updated with the new Goocanvas API

PyGooCanvas 0.10.0 (May 01 2008)

o Install a .pc file (Gustavo)
o Add goocanvas.ItemSimple.bounds getsets (Gustavo)
o prevent PYGTK from being imported into goocanvasmodule, patch from Randall Wood. Fixes LP#150412
o fix object registration TYPE_CAIRO_PATTERN (Gian Mario)
o New custom example for SVG images. (Gian Mario)
o update with new goocanvas 0.10 API (Gian Mario)
o fix a bug introduced by pycairo API change, see LP#222503 reported by David Boucher (Gian Mario)
o Update docs according to new API (Gian Mario)

PyGooCanvas 0.10.0

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