Puppy version 2.02 released
Posted on: 07/31/2006 06:42 PM

Puppy version 2.02 has been released

The live-CD iso file is puppy-2.02-seamonkey.iso and is 71.8M.
The greatest news with this release is full write support for NTFS partitions. Release notes:
Full read and write support for NTFS partitions. This includes saving of the Puppy session to hard drive.

More thorough checking of system integrity at a version upgrade, to ensure that the system is stable and usable.

The kernel is still version but has been recompiled to support 4G memory and frequency scaling.

Steps have been taken to simplify configuration files, with a single 'state' file called PUPSTATE in /etc/rc.d. This adds to Puppy's already very simple bootup and shutdown scripts -- see how few files there are in /etc!

Various applications have been updated and/or bugfixed, including TkDVD, MUT, Unionfs, Universal Installer, Grubconfig. Startup and shutdown scripts have many improvements.

Puppy version 2.02 released

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