Puppy version 1.0.2
Posted on: 05/17/2005 02:40 PM

Puppy version 1.0.2 has been released

The live-CD ISO file is named puppy-1.0.2-mozilla.iso and is 60.9M. Release notes:

* The main news for this release is the migration from the 2.4 kernel to the 2.6 series, specifically A lot of under-the-hood work went into achieving this.
* I have upgraded Abiword from version 2.0.12 to 2.2.7. There are significant improvements, including improved stability, better MSWord import, and text flow around images. I have also included more plugins: import/export Abiword documents compressed with bzip2, xsl-fo files, XHTML/HTML, WMF image support, and embedded editing of images (using mtPaint).
* The install-to-hard-drive script previously only created a boot floppy, but now Grub installation on the hard drive is an option. Feedback is that it works well.
* There are some more PupGet and DotPup packages. See notes below and on the DotPup wiki page.
* The infrastructure has been put in place for more rigorous handling of updating, that is, when the user upgrades from one version to the next. A special boot script, /etc/rc.d/rc.update has been created for this.
* mtPaint has been upgraded to 0.94, Leafpad to 0.8.0, Gftp to 2.0.16.
* Puppy has acquired RemoteDesktop, a GUI frontend for rdesktop, which in turn is a Remote Desktop Protocol client, for running GUI applications remotely, in particular Windows applications.
* Numerous bugfixes, especially to the PupGet script.
* The 2.6 kernel does not use SCSI-emulation of IDE CD/DVD drives for burning. This has required a lot of script changes, and Gcombust needed a helping-hand to get it to work. When Gcombust is started, a help window now pops up alongside with advice how to properly configure for successful non-SCSI burning.
* Printing is slightly broken in this release. The problem is that the new version of Abiword generates Postscript files that Ghostscript cannot handle. I expect Puppy 1.0.3 to have the latest Ghostscript, which should fix the problem. It was not done for this release as Ghostscript is at the heart of Puppy and it needs to be done very carefully.
* There is no longer a separate multisession ISO file, as Puppy is able to detect if the ISO file was burned to CD as multisession or not, and behave accordingly. This is a work-in-progress however, see note below.
* There was a problem with a serial mouse in 1.0.2RC. It got setup okay the first time, then wasn't working after a reboot. Should be fixed now.
* UPGRADING: If you have been testing version 1.0.2RC (Release Candidate), I recommend that you edit /etc/puppyversion and put the version back from "102" to "101", before booting the new CD. This will enable the update script to run again. Please read further down this page about how /usr folder is purged at an upgrade.


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