Puppy version 0.9.3
Posted on: 09/08/2004 05:06 PM

A new version of Puppy Linux is available

Puppy is now upgraded to the 2.4.27 Linux kernel. A lot more driver modules are now in Puppy, especially Ethernet card drivers, and the Ethernet/network Wizard has been updated. Wireless networking drivers are also included, with a view to future support.

There has been a major structural change in Puppy since v0.9.2. Previously, the file image.gz contained all of Puppy (and file vmlinuz is the Linux kernel operating system), however image.gz is now split into two files, image.gz and usr_cram.fs. The latter was previously inside image.gz. File usr_cram.fs is the compressed contents of the entire /usr folder. Web pages will be updated, but basically anywhere that you see file image.gz mentioned, now think of two files. Note that technically Puppy can still handle the situation where there is just one file with usr_cram.fs inside image.gz, in case that is ever required.

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