Puppy Linux version 3.01
Posted on: 10/15/2007 10:16 AM

Puppy Linux version 3.01 has been released

Puppy 3.01 is a bug-fix upgrade of 3.00. Please read the above Blog link for details. If you are currently using 3.00 (or have tried to use 3.00 and have encountered a show-stopper bug!), please read the Blog first to find out if your particular problem has been addressed -- if not, it may be addressed in 3.02. The purpose of 3.01 is simply to fix the most urgent bugs and niggles in 3.00, not apply any major changes or package upgrades.

This Puppy (3.00 and 3.01) is a massive upgrade from the previous (v2.17.1). I decided to aim for close binary compatibility with Slackware 12, with the objective of being able to install Slackware packages and have all or most of the required dependencies already in place. To that end, I used all the building block packages from Slackware 12, such as glibc 2.5, gcc 4.1.2 and gtk 2.10.13. Most of the libraries in Puppy are now from Slackware. Note, though, this does not in any way make Puppy a clone of Slackware -- apart from aiming for binary compatibility, Puppy is fundamentally unique from the foundations upward.

Another major thing that I have done is totally rewritten the key scripts that control how Puppy boots up, is configured, and shuts down. This covers such things as pup_save file custom naming, frugal install into a subdirectory, pup_save file resizing and correct recognition of multiple pup_save files at bootup.

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