Puppy Linux version 2.12
Posted on: 11/19/2006 05:25 PM

Puppy Linux version 2.12 has been released:

t's out! There are two iso files at Ibiblio, puppy-2.12-seamonkey-zdrv.iso (83.1MB) and puppy-2.12-seamonkey.iso (68.0MB). The former has the zdrv_212.sfs file in it, which is a massive collection of kernel drivers and firmware, whereas the latter has a cutdown selection of drivers on a par with previous Puppies (but the zdrv_212.sfs file can be downloaded separately and Puppy will have automatic access to all of the extra drivers).

The release notes are here:

The download page is here:

A few extra minor points to append to the release notes (please do read the Release Notes first!):
This Puppy has JWM window manager version 1.8rc4, which is very much a compromise. It fixed some bugs that were in 1.7 but unfortunately introduced some new ones. Display of the applets in the taskbar is a bit quirky, and you will have to live with that for now.
For Unleashed enthusiasts, it's all there on Ibiblio, but note that the 'createpuppy' script is not properly modified for creating a iso without the 'zdrv' file. It gets to a point where it states that it has executed 'pickmodules.sh' but doesn't do so. What you have to do, is after running 'createpuppy', do this:
# ./pickmodules.sh
# ./complete2sfs
# ./burn2dvd2iso

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