Puppy Linux 4.1.2 released
Posted on: 12/08/2008 03:17 PM

Puppy Linux 4.1.2 has been released

Puppy 4.1.2 is a bugfix release for 4.1 and 4.1.1.

In summary, I fixed a bug when looking for USB drives at bootup, ohci-hcd USB driver was not loading in the initial ramdisk so some interfaces not working at that stage, bugfix for .deb packages extraction, /tmp/versioncleanup fix at version upgrade, Pmetatagger bugfix, some modem detection improvements, tweak for network connection at bootup, can now load 3 SFS files, fixed a Pmount crash, prevented invalid RAM-save-interval, fixed recognition of PCMCIA in the initrd.

The announcement and release notes:

Download puppy-4.1.2-k2.6.25.16-seamonkey (94.1MB) and puppy-4.1.2retro-k2.6.21.7-seamonkey.iso (94.6MB) from here:

At the same URL you will also find the "unleashed-core" tarball and the "devx" SFS file.

Note that 4.1.2 is strictly a bugfix release. More ambitious enhancements are targeted for 4.2, which is being developed by the Puppy Community Team, coordinated by WhoDo.

Puppy Linux 4.1.2 released

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