Puppy Arcade 8 (LiveCD 105mb) Review
Posted on: 05/24/2010 01:17 PM

OpenBytes posted a review on Puppy Arcade 8, a live CD based on Puppy Linux

Puppy Arcade 8 (LiveCD 105mb) Review

Puppy Arcade is one of the few Linux distro’s that Openbytes tries to keep following. Since version 5, Puppy Arcade has not only been a favorite with friends and colleagues, but also has a home on a few of my machines around the house that would otherwise be obsolete. Ive had the pleasure of a Q&A with Puppy Arcade creator Scott Jarvis and Im pleased to say that he continues to keep me updated every time a new version is released.

Puppy Arcade is one of the more difficult distro’s to review because of the plethora of systems it covers and often when I try to write about Puppy Arcade, my article turns into individual reviews of the emulation packages it contains. I will try to look at Puppy Arcade as a whole and how it performs in respect of a multiple platform emulator (and desktop distro too) For the purposes of this review, the test machine is a 1.6ghz machine with 1gig of ram and a rather ancient gfx card. I am reviewing this distro on pretty old tech, so its important to keep that in mind to appreciate how good Puppy Arcade actually is.

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